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The Eurovision Song Contest 2006-2010

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Finland's entry this year was going to be called Hulluna Humpasta (Crazy for Humppa) by Eläkeläiset (The Pensioners). Alas, The People were stupid so I have nothing more to say.

2008 (080525)

In the good old days the Soviet Union mass transported people. Sizeable portions of the original populations of the countries it had liberated were deported, many of them to different gulags wherefrom they never came back. Then they were replaced with Russians. Now these countries have sizeable Russian minorities that will give their votes to fatherland no matter what. Block voting is not a problem, but this is an unsolvable one.

I thought this contest could develop. Obviously I was wrong and what happened two years ago was a glitch in the system.

I believe this will be the last yearly entry for the time being. There are better things to do than banging your head repeatedly against a wall.





Eurovision 2007

What shall we do next year when there are 40 countries competing for the coveted victory of the Eurovision Song Contest (assuming both Serbia and Montenegro will participate)? 39 countries will naturally have their own monster heavy music bands, so perhaps the best thing would again to be completely original. Think how fresh Loituma's Ievan Polkka (Ieva's Polka) will sound in 2007.
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