S60 Internet Radio for S60 2nd ed. and S80 v2.0

S60 Internet Radio is a Shoutcast (MP3 over HTTP) streaming client, originally released by Nokia as an open source application for S60 third edition phones. This page contains quick and dirty ports for S60 2nd edition FP2 (6630 etc) and Series 80 v2.0 (9300, 9500).

Note! This software is intended to be a proof of concept application and a basis for future development. It is not very user-friendly, and especially the Series 80 user interface is quite horrible. Remember also that streaming over cellular connections can be very expensive!

Breaking news! The 20 May release for S60 2nd ed. should fix most of the crashes everybody has been experiencing. Big thanks for Santosh Shetty for locating the problem!

Feedback: pekangas at s2.org