Explanation of the Trinity symbol

A Crop Circle at Barbury Castle 1991 A Crop Circle at Barbury Castle 1991

In 1991 the town of Wroughton had been having its own share of excitement. During the night of July 16th the whole town suddenly found itself electricity-free. At the same time, country residents around the nearby Neolithic hill fort of Barbury Castle had witnessed the, by-now, usual aerobatic display of small, brightly coloured flying objects, followed by what many described as a low rumbling noise akin to that heard at Alton Barnes the previous year. Next morning the headlines in the British press read 'NOW EXPLAIN THIS ONE'.

Covering 12,000sq yards, the Barbury Castle tetrahedron marked a further incursion into crop circle evolution. It was also an unmistakable and identifiable philosophical and alchemical symbol dealing with the very creation of the universe.

Lähde/Source: www.lovely.clara.net/case1barbury.html