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Database of the Gothic Language

Table of Contents

  • Related sites on the Internet

  • The Codex Argenteus Online: The Facsimile Edition

  • The study of old texts with the aid of digital technology: the Gothic manuscripts

  • Master of science thesis: Digitizing text heritage

  • On the reading and interpretation of the month-line in the gothic calendar Transactions of the Philological Society 104 (1), 3 - 12.

  • Database of Selected Books and Articles (Edited by Christian Petersen)

  • The Complete Bibliography of the Codex Argenteus (Compiled by Christian T. Petersen)

  • On the reading and interpretation of the month-line in the Gothic calendar. Transactions of the Philological Society. 2006. Vol. 104 (1), 3 - 12.

  • The Source of the Gothic Month Name jiuleis and its Cognates.   Namenkundliche Informationen. 2009. Vol. 95/96, pp. 239-248.

  • The Jubilees Calendar in Practice.   Namenkundliche Informationen. 2010. Vol. 98, pp. 157-167.

  • Studying the Gothic Palimpsests with the Help of Digital Technology: the Calendar, the Book of Ezra, the Book of Nehemiah (November 2016)

  • Clarifying Angelo Mai's Use of Chemicals in Handling Latin Palimpse$ (February 2017)

  • Latin Pseudepigraphic Literature in Medieval Period (March 2017)

  • Lars Munkhammar Systematic Bibliography

  • Deciphering munuscripts

         The Codex Argenteus:

               Plate 190: St. Luke VI, 45-49.

               Plate 251: Luke XVII, 25-31.

               Plate 274: St. Luke XX, 37-46.

               Plate 374: St, Mark XVI: 6-12.

         The palimpsests:

               Page 153: Galetians V, 4-13, fol. 112R, manuscript B

               Plate s45: II Corinthians XI, 16-21

               Plate 50a: Romans XIII, 13,14 and XIV, 1-5

               Plate 150: Galatians VI, 14-18

               Plate s36: Ephesians VI, 9-13

  • Gothica Bononiensia


               Codex Vaticanus latinus, 5750, pagina 57

  • The Gothic Alphabet:

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